The Jacob Acosta Band Live

Local five-piece The Jacob Acosta Band is bringing together his unique fusion of country & Latin-influenced violins and horn zest once more for a full performance on the Playground Bar & Lounge heated ROOFTOP on Friday, January 25th from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.–NO COVER!

Fans of Calexico will enjoy Jacob Acosta’s blend of desert rock with brass & string-infused panoramic soundscapes.

If you did not catch the Desert Sounds Release Show in May of 2018, this will be your second chance to hear the group in a big way. See you soon mis amigos! ¡Viva Tucson! ¡Viva Arizona!


Jacob Acosta has been a national performing artist in Arizona for over a decade. He has worked with legendary producer, John Vanderslice, been featured on NPR, played dozens of festivals across the U.S., and has released 12 records in the styles of blues, indie-shoegaze, pop, deep house, americana, and folk since 2008 by his own namesake along with the groups Mason, HYTS, Roll Acosta, and Race You There. As a multi-instrumentalist Jacob performed and recorded piano, voice, guitar, timpani, keyboards, bass, and auxiliary percussion on his upcoming release ‘Desert Sounds’. Jacob also recreates and arranges his musical masterpieces live as a looping soloist, a duo, trio, and a full band. The Desert Sounds album itself starts with a prelude showcasing animals sounds of the Southwest in a dawn to dusk sequence, and ends with an instrumental finale featuring musical motifs from all songs on the record. ‘Desert Sounds’ is a cinematic ode to the Southwest desert with a collection of musical stories that pay tribute to Arizona and the greater Sonoran region.

Phone: (520) 777-4421
300 E. Congress St., Tucson, AZ